This is about nothing and everything.

Cryptic enough for you?


I like cryptic things to.

hi, I’m Shadow, a twenty year old who hopes she has something useful to say and is saying it right here.

I’m the fiancé of an amazing guy who brings out the best of me from the dark recesses of my soul. I look forward to building a crazy, wonderful, and completely unforeseeable future with him.

I like writing novels, but haven’t actually finished any. Maybe someday if I can I’ll be a famous author, but I don’t know any authors who’ve gotten famous with only half of a novel. A third of a trilogy, yes. Thank you Tolkien’s publishers for hounding on him to actually finish his trilogy for those first readers of his.

I’m a fitness guru whose greatest achievement is not quitting for more than three months. I run, but am not fast. I lift, but am not strong. I do zumba, but am not coordinated. In essence, I do everything I’m supposed to but am not actually good at any of it. But I have fun, so who cares.

Welcome to crazy me.